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Edsel & Eleanor Ford House tells the story of the home life of a prominent American family.

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Ask Our Experts Every Friday!
Posted: August 10, 2018

Did your visit to Ford House leave you wanting to know more?

Our new program will let our guests learn a little more about Ford family history, the thousands of pieces of art and antiques in the home, and how our team keeps the estate humming.  

Ask Our Experts, a new weekly offering, will provide an informal opportunity to chat with  the Ford House team. Each Friday from 2-4 p.m., different members of our staff will greet you in the Visitor Center in the Historic Garage to share their expertise, ranging from art and antiques, to architecture, research, landscape and more.  

Join us for a  casual conversation and get some answers those burning questions about Ford House!

Upcoming experts include:

Julie Cook, Collections Coordinator: Mystery solved!  Coffe pot, teapot, or… argyle?  Why were our drinking cups displayed upside down? Chat with a collections specialist about our favorite collections mysteries and how we solved them. 
Docent Staff: Ford Family questions?  Docents will be armed with their extensive family knowledge, as well as family trees and other resources to help!
Kelley Maricle, Horticulturalist: Looking to impress this fall? Make a dramatic fall display.  Kelley can show you plants that will make you displays shine.
Julie Cook, Collections and Ryan Cunningham, Museum Technician: Have artwork at home that needs some TLC?  Bring your cleaning and conservation questions to our collections specialists.
Gretchen Abrams, Education Coordinator: What is a bioswale?  Why does the Ford House have one?  How does it work?  Come by for a hands-on information session.
Archival Staff: From the Archives: What kinds of records do we keep at Ford House?  See some of our favorite archival collections and learn how to care for your own family documents at home.
Joe Kociera, Gardener: Get Ready for winter.  What plants should you cut back and what plants are great winter food for birds? Our landscape specialist will help you cut through any problem.
Education Coordinator Jessica Marcetti: You CAN touch this!  We will present a selection of items or reproductions for visitors to touch, handle, and photograph.
Lisa Worley, Director of Material Culture and Julie Cook, Collections Coordinator: Wondering how to care for your antiques textiles (clothing, rugs, etc.)? Bring your cleaning and conservation questions to our collections specialists.

Stop by before or after your house tour or walk on the grounds! No additional fee or reservation required. Ask Our Experts continues through October!

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