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The Latest Buzz at the Ford House: Bees!
Posted: August 13, 2015

Bee hives are the latest buzz at the Ford House! This summer our grounds and landscaping team has brought two sets of hives to the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House grounds.

Managed by beekeepers from Green Toe Gardens of Royal Oak, MI, the hives each have more than 20,000 bees. Bees, of course, are great pollinators and will help the flowers, plants and trees on the grounds blossom and grow. And maybe, over time, we will see a little honey produced from the hives if they are established well on the estate!

In the meantime, the hives are tucked away on a corner of Bird Island and in the meadow across from the Ford House. Visitors likely won’t run into them, but if you see the boxes on the estate admire them from a distance and thank the bees for making our estate a little greener.

Watch the video below to learn a little more about our hives:

Bee Hives at Ford House from Edsel and Eleanor Ford House on Vimeo.



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