The Ford House

Edsel & Eleanor Ford House tells the story of the home life of a prominent American family.

A Family Portrait

Edsel Ford

1893 - 1943

Creative and modest, Edsel was a devoted father and husband. He was an automobile and speedboat enthusiast, and became president of Ford Motor Company at age 25.


Eleanor Clay

1896 - 1976

With her ready smile and quick wit, Eleanor charmed everyone who knew her. She loved fine art, flowers and, of course, her blossoming family.


Henry Ford II

1917 - 1987

Henry was a natural leader. As the oldest, he was often compared to his famous grandfather. But he denied the similarity, saying "I'm like my mother." Henry became president of Ford Motor Company in 1943 at the age of 25.

Benson Ford

1919 - 1978

Benson was once called the family's "ambassador of goodwill." Friendly and relaxed, he inherited his father's love of boating and photography. Benson was named head of the Lincoln-Mercury Division, and was also chairman of Henry Ford Hospital.

Josephine Ford

1923 - 2005

Benson once described Josephine as "a very lively character, the kind of kid who was always up to something." Known among her family as "Dody," she loved horses, dogs and art. Like her mother, Josephine became a patron of the arts.

William Clay Ford

1925 - 2014

"Bill" was the natural athlete of the family, an excellent tennis player, swimmer and golfer. He inherited his father's talent for design. He went on to hold executive positions at Ford Motor Company, and to become prominent locally as the owner of the Detroit Lions.