The Ford House

Edsel & Eleanor Ford House tells the story of the home life of a prominent American family.

Bird Island Bridge

Among the most visible projects the Ford House completed in 2015 was a new bridge to Bird Island.

The island was actually a peninsula created by the Fords and famous landscape architect Jens Jensen to attract migratory birds. A small portion of the neck of the peninsula was removed to allow water to circulate between the cove and the lake -- making it a true island again. This simple initiative will reduce the risks that develop with stagnant water, including algae blooms.

About the new bridge

  • To curb the amount of stagnant water and algae growth in Ford Cove, a small portion of land was removed from the peninsula connecting Bird Island to the mainland. The resulting water flow will help to clean the Cove naturally.
  • A 20-foot wooden bridge was built connecting Bird Island to the property to maintain island access.
  • The bridge overlooks shallow, rocky water designed to limit land erosion and disruption to the lake bottom. The bridge underpass is unnavigable for boats.
  • The rock structure beneath the bridge was repurposed from previous property construction and the soil removed to build the bridge will be used strategically for future landscaping improvements mirroring Jensen’s original design.