Central African dance class with To Sangana. This African dance class will consist of learning the basics of traditional African dance movement, rhythm, the use of vocal call & responses, live drumming, and Afro-beat music with contemporary African dance movement. This will be a high energy experience. This is open to adults with all levels of dance and movement experience! Make sure to wear loose fitting clothing that you are comfortable moving in.

$12 for members, $15 for non members


Wayne State University’s To Sangana Dance Company
To Sangana(pronounced TOH-san-GAH-nah) is a dynamic dance company that thrills audiences with African-derived dance and drum presentations, that are guaranteed to inspire, invigorate, educate, and entertain. The company celebrates rich cultural traditions from the African heritage, as well as the contemporary African-American experience. African Dance fuses music, theatre, visual art, and movement to form a complete artistic and cultural statement. African dance today reaches a worldwide audience through the rigorous, theme-based, and excitingly joyful dedication of professional dancers and musicians.