Show some love and appreciation for our beautiful lake with the Lake St. Clair Science Fair. At the fair, you will learn about geology, habitats, invasive species, water quality, ecology, and the many ways we use the lake for recreation and artistic inspiration. 

Admission is $5, and kids 3 and under are free.

Partners/Outreach organizations:

  • Detroit Audubon, The Conservation of Black Terns & Other Marsh Birds
    Research has shown that high water levels, frequent storms and limited vegetation mats along with predators and boat traffic are all impacting marsh birds’ ability to raise chicks such as the Black Terns. Join us as we learn about how Black Terns nest and what can be done to help them in your area.
  • Planet Detroit Story Booth
    Stop by Planet Detroit’s StoryBooth to share your story about Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, and all things nature and outdoors in Metro Detroit. What do you love about our region? How has local nature affected your life? We’ll record your stories and include them in an audio collage published on


  • Storytime: All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon and Katherine Tillotson
    Learn about the water cycle in this beautifully illustrated book.
  • Water Testing: Discover how to assess the health of our lake water through observations and hands-on testing.
  • Water Cycle Activities (all ages):  Learn about how clouds form and why rain falls, as we explore the water cycle with activities and experiments.
  • Build a boat: Create and decorate your own sailboat and have a friendly race with a pal!
  • Fishing Game: “Fish” for native species found right here in Ford Cove and take home your “catch”!
  • Watercolors: Be inspired by Lake St. Clair and create your own watercolor painting to take home.