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Follow the Sun: A Week of Activities to Celebrate the Solstice and Summer
Posted: June 14, 2020

Ford House invites you to join us as we explore and celebrate the Summer Solstice when the sun reaches its highest point of the year.

Jens Jensen, one of America's foremost landscape designers and conservationists, designed the Ford House garden landscape. Known as the master of the naturalistic approach to landscaping, Jensen  created a vast open space on the "Path of the Setting Sun." The Meadow is aligned so that on the summer solstice the setting sun glows through the trees at meadow's end. Jensen was known for the play of light and shadow, the element of time and season's change.

Watch this video and see how the sun tracks across the meadow:



Summer Solstice is Saturday, June 20, 2020, and in the spirit of Jensen, we are bringing you a whole week of virtual events and at-home activities to make the most of the longest day of the year



Here are a few workshops and activities for adults to learn about solstice and toast to the summer sun. 

Sun Salutations on the Lake Shore

Yoga instructor Diana Jones Kirby will lead you in a short sunrise yoga session at Ford House, on the shores of Lake St. The sun salutations and restorative poses are intended to help us move into the summer season with good intentions and practices.

Make a Sun-Themed Mini Quilt

In this video, Kristin Skinner, a Museum Technician at Ford House, shows you how to make an English paper-pieced sun wall-hanging. With no sewing machine needed, you can hand-sew this project by using traditional EPP and appliqué methods to create a fun, bright wall-hanging. 



Download a template and directions here.


Starry Nights: Getting Ready for Solstice in the Shadow of the Sun

Tuesday, June 16

A lecture and storytelling presentation by Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams in the evening. Click here for details and to reserve your ticket.

Solstice Cocktail Hour: A Toast to the Sunset

Saturday, June 20

A cocktail (or mocktail) making workshop on the day of the Solstice. Click here for details and to reserve your ticket.


Here are a few activities for the whole family to learn about the summer solstice and ring in the changing season together.

The Reason for the Season 
What is the Summer Solstice? Here's an easy explainer as to why the sun is so high and the day is so long. (Ages 8-13)


The Sun as a Star
Our sun is a star! Learn fun facts about the "star" of the summer solstice show. 

Make Your Own Sunprint

Follow these easy instructions to create a print using the sun and objects you have around the house.

Make Your Own Ultraviolet Light Detector

Using water and tonic water, you can explore ultraviolet light. Follow these instructions for an easy at-home experiment. (Ages 7+)



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