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The latest updates on construction of our new Visitor Center and administration building
Posted: April 12, 2021

Dive into one of our articles detailing the exciting facets of our landmark construction project -- the addition of a state-of-the-art Visitor Center and Administration Building -- and find out the latest updates. Learn about the project and stay up to date at:


April 2021 Amazing Historic Bronze Map Created

March 2021 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Added 

February 2021 Wet Paint

February 2021 Cleaner Water

February 2021 Let's Roll

February 2021 The Big Picture

January 2021 Outdoor Spaces

January 2021 National Historic Landmark plaque added to the new buildings

December 2020 Inspired by the Modern Rooms 

December 2020 Peek in the Lake Shore Room Event Rental Space

November 2020 Look at the Latest: Recent Photos

November 2020 Growing & Learning: the Education Garden

October 2020 Supporting Detroit Skilled Trades Businesses

October 2020 Spring Grand Opening Announced for New Visitor Center

October 2020 Fall Brings Construction Outside, Inside, & All Around

October 2020 Historical (Tree) Roots

September 2020 Sunny Side Up: Solar Panels Added to the Roof

August 2020 Looking Toward 2021

August 2020 Have a Safe Flight: Bird-Friendly Glass

July 2020 Beautiful & Environmentally Green: Landscaping Begins

June 2020 Sneak a Look at some Woodwork, Tile Finishes, & Landscaping So Far

May 2020 Construction Restarted! (With Extra Care for Pandemic Safety)

April 2020 Happy Earth Day. Environmental Sustainability & Our Construction Project

March 2020 Construction Paused, Frank Rewold & Sons Donates Supplies during Pandemic

December 2019 Look Familiar? Side-by-Side Similarities

December 2019 Interview: President & Project Manager Give an In-Depth Update

November 2019 Taking Shape: Photos

October 2019 Progress Update

September 2019 Breathtaking New Aerial Photos

August 2019 Construction So Far -- in 17 Seconds

July 2019 Clear Skies & Full Steam Ahead

June 2019 Ford House announces plans for the first exhibition in the new Visitor Center

June 2019 Project Update from the Builder

May 2019 Moss the Dog Checks in on Construction

April 2019 Final Beams to Be Installed this Month

March 2019 Video Flyover

December 2018 The Steel is Rising for our New Buildings

September 2018 Geothermal Wells Go in Before the Building Goes Up

November 2017 Groundbreaking: Ford House Forward

July 2017 Visitor Center and Cafe to close Aug. 20

May 2017 Parking Lot Construction

January 2017 In the News

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