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Welcome Back Birds Activities at Home
Posted: May 11, 2020

We sadly are unable to host our annual Welcome Back Birds event at the estate this year -- But still, the birds are back! 

Many beautiful and interesting birds are arriving back in Michigan now. They flew south to warmer climates to wait out the winter cold, and now they're completing their long flight back to our area. 

We invite you to enjoy these fun activities, created by the Ford House Education Team, meant for all ages. Enjoy learning about birds and appreciate the beauty and life they add to your own neighborhoods, parks and backyards this spring. 

Discover and have fun! We hope to see you back at Ford House soon. 

Local Birding Bingo

Keep an eye out for local bird species while you're out for a stroll in your neighborhood or local park. Check them off and see if you can get a bingo!


Migratory Birding Bingo

Migratory birds are back in town, flying by, resting in trees, hopping through the grass and building nests all across southeast Michigan. They could even be in your own backyard! Watch for these migrating birds when you're outdoors and check them off on your bingo sheet! 


Design Your Own Bird Feeder!

Use this guide to brainstorm, plan and create your own bird feeder to attract specific bird species to your yard! Follow this step-by-step design activity and then build your prototype bird feeder out of common household items. 



Time to Nest 

Learn about the different types of nests local and migratory birds build to raise their young. Then, come up with your own idea and build your own “nest”!



Virtual Workshop on Migratory Birds ($)

Reserve your spot now to join us on Zoom to learn about springtime migration, hearing from our friends and bird experts Bill Rapai, president of the Grosse Pointe Audubon Society, and Rosann Kovalcik, the owner of Wild Birds Unlimited Grosse Pointe Woods. The workshop will be hosted live on Zoom on Monday, May 18, 7-8 p.m.

Cost: $10 General Public, $5 Ford House Members. 


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