Today at Ford House

Don’t Miss …

When you visit Ford House, don’t miss these spots:
JOSEPHINE’S PLAYHOUSE is a charming kid-sized house. A gift from grandmother Clara Ford for Josephine’s 7th birthday.
The GATE LODGE includes the entrance arch, the garage, and three residences where some of the Fords’ staff lived.
The BRONZE SCULPTURES are built to scale, using photographs and clothing from the Fords as references. See how you measure up and stop for a selfie.
The POWER HOUSE is open to visitors whenever water levels make it possible. Electricity and hot water for the estate were generated here.

Stop & Smell the Roses

Stroll through our grounds, gardens, and nature areas on these 87 acres.

The FORMAL GARDEN is quiet and tucked away, featuring a reflecting pool.
The circling paths of the ROSE GARDEN feature 800+ rose plants, at peak in June and September. Roses were Eleanor’s favorite flower!
FLOWER LANE is the spot for seasonal blooms.
BIRD ISLAND is a wildlife sanctuary. Cross the bridge and enjoy a walk in the woods and lake views, and possibly spot some wildlife in FORD COVE.

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