Photography FAQs

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Q: Why do I have to pay for a session? I am a Ford House Member.

A: We ask that all guests who would like to conduct a photography session on the estate pay a minimal fee for us to cover the costs of staffing the session. However, as a member, you do receive a discount on your session and priority booking.

Q: Why does someone have to escort me?

A: We have a staff member escort you through your session to ensure that the estate is preserved as much as possible. For example, certain equipment is not permitted (drones) to help prevent damage to the historic buildings and grounds.

Q: We will only be 15-30 mins, can you just let us do it anyway? We won’t destroy anything.

A: Unfortunately, no. We have other scheduled sessions that have purchase time slots to take their photos. We try to schedule specific dates and times so all guests can get their desired photos, and to ensure staffing to work with your session.

Q: Why can I not use (specific props, candles, large letters, etc.)?

A: Ford House is a historic landmark, so we ask that guests not use certain props that could potentially harm a building or grounds. Items such as candles are a fire hazard, large displays and equipment may damage the lawn. It is our job to ensure the estate is here for years to come and we appreciate your assistance in its preservation.

Q: Why can’t I bring champagne to our photo session?

A: Due to our liquor license no outside alcohol is permitted.

Q: I have 10 + guests that need to be photographed, can I still use the membership pricing?

A: Unfortunately, for a group that size the member pricing is not valid. However, we’d love to assist you with pricing. Please contact our photography team at