Education programs at Ford House offer immersive experiences for all learners. Explore universal themes of family, community, and culture.

At Ford House, you’re in for a treat with a range of captivating guided tours and self-paced explorations.

Our guided tours offer an immersive journey through the historic estate, led by knowledgeable guides who share fascinating stories about the Ford family and the legacy they’ve left behind. From the elegant interiors of the main house to the breathtaking beauty of the gardens and grounds, each tour unveils the rich history and timeless charm of this iconic property.

If you prefer a more independent adventure, our self-paced explorations (Pass) allow you to wander at your leisure, taking in scenic views, discovering hidden gems, and soaking in the tranquil atmosphere. Whether you opt for a guided tour or choose to explore on your own, a visit to Ford House promises an unforgettable experience filled with history, beauty, and inspiration.

Guided group tours (see below) of the Main Residence and/or the Grounds and Gardens are offered for parties of 10 or more, with flexible daytime and evening hours. Please book your group tour at least two weeks in advance.


Tuesdays – Sundays

Grounds Pass

Stroll through the grounds and gardens, marvel at the beautiful architecture, and soak in the open spaces and wooded areas, all at your own pace.

Tuesdays – Sundays

House + Grounds Pass

Explore the lakeside estate of Edsel and Eleanor Ford and their four children at your own pace in this exploration of the estate.

Tuesdays – Sundays in May

Main Residence Guided Tour

Join Ford House staff for a guided tour of the Main Residence, where you’ll learn about the extraordinary lives of Edsel and Eleanor Ford, along with their children. 

Tuesdays – Sundays in May

All About Eleanor Guided Tour

Unravel the stories behind Eleanor’s design choices and soak in the elegance and sophistication infused into these cherished spaces. 

Friends of Ford House Exclusive
Monday, May 20

Preservation Tour

This Friends-exclusive tour, offered in honor of Preservation Month under the National Register of Historic Places, invites you to witness firsthand the dedication to conserving Ford House’s legacy.

June 5 to July 31, 2024

Summer Landscape Guided Tour

Embark on an enchanting journey this summer with our Summer Landscape Guided Tour! Delve into the legacy of Edsel & Eleanor Ford, Albert Kahn, and Jens Jensen as you explore the stunning grounds that reflect their visionary contributions.

September 24 to November 27, 2024

Autumn Landscape Guided Tour

Experience the vibrant beauty of autumn with our Fall Grounds & Gardens Tour!



Gather your group for an exclusive adventure through the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House!

Dive into history with a personalized guided tour, unlocking the secrets of this storied estate. Engage with our expert guides, unraveling tales of automotive legacy, architectural marvels, and the Ford family’s cultural impact. Delight in private access to stunning gardens, opulent interiors, and panoramic lakefront views tailored to your group’s interests. Whether an educational outing, corporate event, or a leisurely day trip, our group tours promise an immersive journey through time. Join us for an unparalleled experience where every step resonates with the essence of Ford House’s heritage.

Guided group tours of the Main Residence and/or the Grounds and Gardens are offered for parties of 10 or more, with flexible daytime and evening hours. Please book your group tour at least two weeks in advance.

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with our group sales team at or 313-453-2042 during business hours.


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Adult Tours

Ford House offers immersive experiences for all learners to explore universal themes of family, community, and culture.

School Tours

Embark on an enriching educational journey with our group tours at Ford House, suitable for students from PreK through college. Our education group tours are designed to align with curriculum standards, providing a meaningful and memorable educational outing for students at every level of learning.

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About Ford House

Ford House is a 501c3 nonprofit and National Historic Landmark. Experience the historic family home of Edsel Ford, the only son of Henry Ford, and his wife, Eleanor. Now a National Historic Landmark, visitors from all over the world come to wander, wonder, and explore the beauty of this 1928 National Historic Landmark and uncover a unique piece of the American automotive story in metro Detroit. Learn more below.