In honoring the directives Eleanor Ford provided in her will while working to meet the needs of contemporary audiences, Ford House upholds and inspires the institutional values of equity, playfulness, and philanthropy. We are guided by Eleanor and Edsel’s shared legacy of love: of family, of Detroit and its people, of art and culture, and of the greater good.

Our core values of love, equity, playfulness, and philanthropy carry us forward in our mission.

Four Pillars of Ford HouseDiversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility are fundamental principles of Ford House, where access to the estate and experiences are offered without regard to an individual’s abilities, perspectives, and varied experiences. To learn how we define these attributes, please read our I.D.E.A. Statement

These principles of diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility apply to all aspects of Ford House operations across all categories of individuals. Individuals should be able to experience Ford House free from biased or demeaning conduct or statements based on their personal characteristics.

To achieve all this, our Inclusion/Diversity/Equity/Accessibility (I.D.E.A.) committee develops action plans that create policies and implement side-wide training, build partnerships with individuals, businesses, and organizations that share our cultural values while telling fuller, more complex, and more relevant stories.