Diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility are fundamental principles of Ford House, where access to the estate and experiences are offered without regard to an individual’s abilities, perspectives, and varied experiences.


Ford House ensures that our interns, staff, and volunteers demonstrate cultural sensitivity and competence. Our community events, programs, and tours aim to reflect and respond to diverse cultures, interests, and the needs of our regional communities.


Ford House prioritizes diversity across all dimensions, including our vision, mission, strategic goals, leadership structure, audiences, community partners, programs, vendors, and staff, to uplift us all. Embracing difference makes us better colleagues, employers, employees, friends, leaders, learners, researchers, students, teachers, and citizens.


Ford House is committed to challenging, responding to, and rectifying habits and traditions of bias, harassment, and discrimination and developing a reputation for inclusion, warmth, and hospitality. We prioritize equity across all dimensions of our organization through our staffing, selection of vendors, variety of partners, outreach, and access to programs and events.


Ford House ensures that our interns, staff, and volunteers demonstrate cultural competence and that our programs and tours reflect and respond to our regional communities’ diverse cultures, interests, and needs. We strive to provide fair accessibility to programs, resources, and assets and ensure equitable experiences for all interns, staff, volunteers, and the public we serve.

  • The walk from the Visitor Center to the Main Residence is approximately 1/4 mile. Please note that some of our garden pathways have uneven ground, pebble paths, and a few stairs.
  • Shuttle service is available (except on large-scale estate events like Little Goblins, Home for the Holidays at Ford House, etc.).
    • Guests may board the shuttle at one of three locations:
      • Visitor Center
      • Main Residence
      • Gate Lodge
  • Wheelchairs and umbrella strollers are available free of charge on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Benches are located throughout the property should you need a rest.
  • Family restrooms are available in the Visitor Center and Main Residence.
  • The second floor, attic, and basement of the Main Residence are not accessible by wheelchair or stroller. However, we offer a mobile tour via tablet for visitors who cannot reach these floors. 
  • Properly trained service animals are welcome. Other pets and emotional support animals are not allowed on the property.
  • Guests with sensory needs are welcome to enjoy our tranquil Quiet Room on the second floor of the Visitor Center. You may ask any staff member for assistance.
    • A social story is a narrative used to help individuals with sensory needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum, understand and navigate social situations, routines, or expectations. These stories are designed to provide clear, concise, and visually-supported descriptions of what to expect and how to respond in specific scenarios, helping to reduce anxiety and improve social skills. Social stories can be tailored to address various sensory sensitivities, offering coping strategies and promoting a sense of security and predictability.
    • Download a PDF of our social story here.

These principles of diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility apply to all aspects of Ford House operations across all categories of individuals. Individuals should be able to experience Ford House free from biased or demeaning conduct or statements based on their personal characteristics.

To achieve all this, our Inclusion/Diversity/Equity/Accessibility (I.D.E.A.) committee develops action plans that create policies and implement side-wide training, build partnerships with individuals, businesses, and organizations that share our cultural values while telling fuller, more complex, and more relevant stories.


Download our I.D.E.A. Statement

Guided by Eleanor’s and Edsel’s shared love of Detroit and its people, art and culture, and of the greater good, Ford House is committed to serving the public. Everyone is welcome.