Blog Posts by Month: May 2024

  • EyesOn Design: Where Automotive Artistry Meets Philanthropy

    Category: Community Partners

    Every Father's Day, car enthusiasts from far and wide embark on a pilgrimage to the picturesque estate of Edsel and Eleanor Ford. Their destination? The awe-inspiring spectacle that is EyesOn Design. This annual event, steeped in automotive culture and creativity, offers a visual feast unlike any other.

  • Prom Photo Mini Sessions! Book Today!

    Category: Photography

    Mark your teen's milestone with professional photos at our estate! Book a Ford House-sponsored Prom Mini Session for your teen and friends to cherish this special experience. Available May 4 - 18.

  • Educator Appreciation Week 2024

    Category: Announcements

    As the 2024 Educator Appreciation Week approaches, it's time to recognize the incredible dedication and hard work of our educators.

  • Eleanor Ford: Mother's Day at Ford House

    Category: Holidays

    Mother's Day holds a special significance at Ford House, serving as a poignant reminder of the bond between Eleanor Ford and her family and the enduring legacy they left behind.