Education programs at Ford House offer immersive experiences for all learners. Explore universal themes of family, community, and culture.

Ford House presents a diverse range of education programs that foster lifelong learning. Explore the arts and sciences while finding inspiration among the breathtaking grounds and family stories. Learners of all ages can participate in engaging tours, workshops, and hands-on activities. Our programs encourage discussion, critical thinking, and creativity.

Check out the many educational experiences below.

Featured Education Programs

Adult Experiences

Discover Ford House Education's Adult Experiences, featuring engaging events like Trivia Night where you can test your knowledge while enjoying a lively atmosphere. Dive into a world of fun and learning with a range of adult-focused activities designed to entertain and educate in equal measure.

Art & Art Making

Ford House Education's Art & Art Making experiences offer a dynamic range of activities such as Maker's Studio, where participants engage in hands-on crafting and artistic exploration. Additionally, the Paint Out sessions provide an immersive outdoor painting experience, allowing individuals to connect with nature while honing their artistic skills.

Ford House Explorers (ages 6-10)

Ignite your child's curiosity with Ford House's Explorers program! Tailored for ages 6 to 10, this outdoor adventure unveils the wonders of nature. Guided by Ford House educators, children play and explore while learning about the natural world. Foster a lifelong love for the outdoors as they uncover secrets of their environment.

Lectures, Talks, & Demonstrations

Embark on a captivating journey through history, culture, and innovation. Join us for an enlightening exploration led by esteemed experts and thought leaders. Ford House Lectures unveil the untold narratives that have shaped our world. These lectures promise to ignite your interest, foster meaningful connections, and inspire you.

Family & Children Programs

Programs for families and children, like Storytime and Bug Tales immerse your little ones in the magic of storytelling. Here, imagination takes flight amid beautifully crafted tales.

Tours & Explorations

Visitors to Ford House can choose between engaging guided tours led by knowledgeable tour guides, offering in-depth insights into the historic estate's architecture and history, or opt for self-paced explorations to wander through the gardens and grounds at their leisure, soaking in the serene beauty of the surroundings.

Wellness Series

Rejuvenate at Ford House's Wellness Series, offering Yoga, Thai Chi for Health, and Pilates classes. Elevate your well-being as seasoned instructors guide you through revitalizing sessions in serene surroundings. Rediscover harmony of mind and body, through classes tailored to all levels. Immerse yourself in this nurturing space, fostering vitality, and inner balance.

School Tours

Embark on an educational odyssey with Ford House's captivating school tours, meticulously designed to inspire learners from PreK to college. Explore a tapestry of history, innovation, and legacy across diverse lengths and focused themes tailored to each grade level. Engage in immersive experiences that ignite curiosity, foster critical thinking, and leave an indelible mark on young minds. Elevate your educational journey with Ford House's exceptional school tours—a gateway to timeless wisdom and boundless exploration.

Special Thanks

Ford House is grateful for the generous support of Ford Motor Company Fund and helping us fulfill our educational mission and making Ford House more accessible to our community.

About Ford House

Ford House is a 501c3 nonprofit and National Historic Landmark. Experience the historic family home of Edsel Ford, the only son of Henry Ford, and his wife, Eleanor. Now a National Historic Landmark, visitors from all over the world come to wander, wonder, and explore the beauty of this 1928 National Historic Landmark and uncover a unique piece of the American automotive story in metro Detroit. Learn more below.