What an exciting time at Ford House!

Staff and architects have finished restoring the swimming pool, lagoon and surrounding landscape of the historic estate. The official re-opening will take place on August 1 and will include a brief presentation and remarks from Ford House CEO and President, the preservation and landscape team, and architects from Detroit-based Albert Kahn Associates – its founder, Albert Kahn, was part of the team that designed the home almost a century ago. The Ford House staff, Board of Trustees, Ford family and additional contractors, will also be present to witness the reveal.

This was a major restoration project for the estate, and to ensure historical accuracy, the team of architects used archives from the Ford House, including original plans, architectural drawings, historical photographs and family films The 90-year-old inground pool needed vital repairs, and the landscape had become overgrown and altered over the years.

To view before and after photos of the pool, lagoon and surrounding area, click here.

After August 1, Ford House welcomes visitors to experience the pool and lagoon area when they come to visit Ford House, though no swimming is allowed in the pool. The estate is open six days a week, and admission for a grounds pass is $5.