With 87 acres, the Ford House grounds, gardens and lakeside landscapes offer you ample space to run, explore and bask in the natural beauty.

Tiptoe through the blooms on Flower Lane, get lost in the heavenly scent of the Rose Garden, enjoy the tranquility of Bird Island, and watch the sailboats and freighters float by on Lake St. Clair.

Landscape Design

The Fords’ vision for the land around their estate included wide-open and intimate outdoor spaces, special places for sports, relaxation, nature, and gatherings. They enlisted Jens Jensen, one of America’s foremost landscape designers and conservationists, to design the grounds here at Gaukler Pointe between 1926 and 1932.

Known as the master of the naturalistic approach to landscaping, Jensen’s design style combines woodlands, meadows, and wetlands in a natural design, giving no hint that it was designed intentionally. If you look closely you can see how Jensen used native plants, the sense of vast open space, the play of light and shadow, and the element of time and season’s change here.

Take a walk along the grounds and observe how Jensen’s approach to landscape architecture engages all five human senses- the sight of many colors and shapes, the sound of water running, the smell of flowers in bloom, the taste of berries, and the feeling of being surrounded by nature.

In 2016, Ford House was honored as a National Historic Landmark, in recognition of the design work of Jensen, in collaboration with the vision of Edsel and Eleanor Ford and architect Albert Kahn.


Explore the Grounds

A Ford House grounds pass lets wander, wonder and explore to your heart’s content. Join us for a day and get away.

Special Thanks

Ford House is grateful for the generous support of Ford Motor Company Fund and helping us fulfill our educational mission and making Ford House more accessible to our community.

About Ford House

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