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The photo above captures The Rosebud Company’s work at Fair Lane: Home of Clara & Henry Ford, located in Dearborn, MI.
We’re excited to announce that the same process will be employed at Ford House to restore our historic wood floors, preserving them for future generations.

The Rosebud Company, a Georgia-based flooring restoration company, will be working diligently to restore the 95+-year-old wooden floors in our Drawing Room, Library, and Study.

These rooms are currently open without furnishings until Sunday, October 15. Afterward, they will be completely closed from October 16 – November 6, reopening on Tuesday, November 7.

Please also note that the handicapped ramp to the Drawing Room has been temporarily removed, rendering it inaccessible for ADA purposes. The room will be closed entirely from October 16 – November 6.

Stay tuned for exciting visual updates and sneak peeks on our social media channels.