Edsel and Eleanor Ford enjoyed a sweet and loving marriage and were doting and attentive parents to their children Henry II, Benson, Josephine and William Clay.

They enjoyed a warm and affectionate family life, full of quality time spent together. Here at Ford House, they watched movies together, they swam in the pool, celebrated birthdays, played squash and tennis, or went out on Lake St. Clair on Edsel’s boats. Edsel and Eleanor loved to give gifts to their children and take them to sporting events. Family vacations were frequent – to Maine, to Florida, and even trips to Europe. Edsel would bring his camera and take photos and movies of his family.

When the children grew up and went off to school, the family would write letters to each other frequently. Once Eleanor’s children were grown and married, they would visit often and bring their children to visit “Granny” and play here on the estate.

The Ford Family Story

See Cherished family memories come alive through video and mementos in our Ford Family Story exhibition in the Visitor Center.