This summer, teens are invited to Ford House to explore and learn! This nature-themed teens’ day camp will cover various environmental science topics, including plants, trees, birds, weather, and sustainability. Each teen will walk away with supplies to continue exploring at home. This program is best for ages 12-15. Snacks provided. Each camp day is from 1-3:30 pm.
What your teen can experience during the week:
  • Day 1: Learn how to use binoculars, a compass and complete a scavenger hunt on the estate.


  • Day 2: On a tree tour, learn how to identify native and non-native plants and trees. We’ll create a flora plaster cast to take home!


  • Day 3: Explore the birds of Ford House! Take a bird walk and learn how bird’s communicate. Learn how a bird’s wings fit the needs of that species – and have fun experimenting with your own flying paper birds.


  • Day 4: Today is all about water! We’ll explore Ford Cove with an underwater drone while investigating the effects of invasive species. We’ll explore the water cycle by creating a self-sustaining terrarium to take home. Under a microscope, we’ll discover some of the smallest inhabitants of the Great Lakes waterway.


  • Day 5: Discover the pollinators of Ford House. We’ll learn how bees comminate, visit the bee houses of Bird Island and the butterflies that inhabit our new butterfly house. We’ll create a sustainable beeswax flower pot and plant it with a native pollinator plant that can be added to your home garden!


  • Non-member teen: $250
  • Member teen: $200

Note: A minimum amount of registrants is required for this camp to take place. Ticket holders will be notified if the camp is canceled due to low registrations.


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