Learn about Edsel Ford's impact on automotive design and see five cars from the Fords’ collection

Located in the Gate Lodge garage.

The Driven by Design+ exhibit inside the garage at the Gate Lodge features five rare vehicles:

  • World’s only 1939 Lincoln Continental prototype,
  • 1932 Ford Model 18 Speedster,
  • 1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster,
  • 1934 Brewster Town Car, and
  • Eleanor Ford’s customer 1952 Lincoln Town Car Limousine.

The exhibit tells the story of Edsel Ford’s unique contributions that elevated the Ford Motor Company brand and positioned the automaker as a fierce competitor in its industry. Gain a deeper understanding of Edsel Ford’s passion for luxurious design and explore the impact of the partnership between Edsel and E.T. “Bob” Gregorie – Ford’s then-chief designer.

Get an up-close look at these mint-condition vehicles, and learn about the creative process behind designing cars, including the colors, fabrics, and textures.

The exhibit is free for all visitors and will be displayed in the Gate Lodge garage beginning May 2, 2023.