Garden Workshop: Native Plants

Our native plant workshop, which serves as a prelude to our native plant sale on May 20th, is a learning opportunity for individuals to gain knowledge and skills in the realm of gardening with native plants.

The workshop will cover a range of topics, including:

  • site preparation,
  • plant selection,
  • garden design,
  • plant installation,
  • and post-planting maintenance.

Participants will learn how to assess the conditions of their gardening space and prepare the site for planting.

After this, the workshop will cover plant selection based on native plants that are suitable to our region and the conditions of their garden. Once the proper plants are chosen for the site, garden design will be discussed to teach participants how to create a cohesive and visually appealing garden. The plant installation portion of the workshop will cover proper planting techniques, such as spacing, arranging, and caring for the plants while they establish. Post-planting maintenance will be taught to participants, with a focus on how to properly care for their plants throughout the seasons. The workshop ends with photographs of different native plants and native plant gardens.

This workshop is a valuable learning experience for those interested in using native plants in the garden by providing an overview of the techniques and skills to create and maintain a beautiful and sustainable native plant garden.


  • Adult Non-Members: $12
  • Adults Members: $10

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