Material Culture [ muhteer-ee-uhkuhl-cher ] 

NounThe study and preservation of objects, their properties and materials, and the ways they are central to understanding history and culture.  

At Ford House, Material Culture preserves and maintains the tangible history of the estate. Focused on the artifacts and art within the house and other buildings, Material Culture undertakes a range of responsibilities to ensure the ongoing care of the family’s collections and historic spaces. From routine cleaning and preventative maintenance to intricate conservation and restoration projects, Material Culture meticulously cares for the interior spaces and their collections, as well as outdoor sculptures and structures, safeguarding the historical and cultural significance encapsulated in every item.

Their expertise extends beyond mere care of objects, delving into the realm of historical context and storytelling. As custodians of the physical objects, Material Culture at Ford House contributes to the immersive experience of visitors, offering insights into the family’s lifestyle and the broader historical context surrounding each artifact and space.

Whether it’s delicately conserving a piece of furniture or implementing state-of-the-art preservation techniques, Material Culture at Ford House stands as a guardian of the past, ensuring that the material legacy of the estate remains vibrant and accessible for generations to come. 

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