Join master mason and consultant Simon Leverett for An Introduction to Historic Masonry.

Participants will learn about masonry in the Midwest and what has changed from the past to the present. Correct application using the appropriate mortar mix for your historic home is critical to a successful project that will extend the life of your home and will help you avoid making costly mistakes. Information will be provided to help you better understand the basics of historic masonry and assist you in your own home’s preservation.

Simon Leverett began his career in the early 1980s when he completed the City and Guilds of London Masonry program in England. As a journeyman mason, he spent the next fifteen years working on buildings ranging from 11th-century churches to Jacobean manors to Arts and Crafts houses. When he moved to the Midwest, he started his own business, working on local landmarks.

His current chapter is consulting. Drawing on nearly four decades of experience, he assists architects, engineers, and property owners. His advice and expertise have been sought for landmarks all over North America.

• Members: $10
• Non-Members: $12

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